Monsoon Revives.


That is our garden enjoying the rain just a few minutes ago this afternoon. Monsoon has been playing truant and we were facing a drought situation till just a few days ago. The met informs us that the deficit registered so far is likely to be made good during the rest of the month with the monsoon reviving.

It is very good news and has brought a lot of smiles on our faces except perhaps for some like Calvin.

Calvin and kite

Mula-Mutha River – II

Earlier this month, on the 2nd of August I had written about the river on the bank of which our township is located.

I had an occasion to cross the second bridge on that post this morning. This is what it looked like earlier this month.

And this is what the Mula-Mutha looked like this morning.

Incessant rains have played havoc in some parts of our city and some families have had to be evacuated.

The rains continue and hopefully will start abating from this week.