Swami Ramananandaji Maharaj.

Just look at that room. Is it not very appealing? I would love to live in a house with a room like that.

And what is more, it is part of a converted old chapel! It can only contain lots of good ‘vibes’, as just imagine how many prayers have been said there! What in India, we would call “Pavithra Bhoomi”, Sacred Ground.

By sheer accident, I landed up at this blog site which came as a complete surprise to me. I of course had heard of old chapels and churches being bought and converted but, old schools? That is a new one to me. Perhaps Magpie can elaborate on that. We have shortage of schools and new ones are coming up all the time.

What has been particularly intriguing me is the thought of getting hold of an old temple somewhere in rural India and converting it into a home! Unfortunately, the kind of construction that temples offer may not be amenable to alteration to suit residences! Just imagine remodeling something like this!

If I can succeed in locating one like that, remodeling it and take up residence in it, I shall be thenceforth called Swami Ramanandaji Maharaj. All of you will be most welcome to come and pay obeisance and take blessings. Just in case you forget, this is somewhat what I will then look like!


About fifty percent of the population of Dubai would be Indians. The locals account for only about 18%.  A left wing politico from Kerala, the state from which the maximum number of Indians go to Dubai, has claimed that since the real estate boom’s collapse, over 100,000 Malayalis have returned to the state!  Remember the Malayalis?  I had posted about them!

There are other states also affected but the Indian financial sector claims that it is not directly affected though some remittances will stop. Be that as it may, one cannot but feel sad for the returnees and their families.

Not however, as sad as one feels about this local dignitary.


Mayo, after all the snow, you might like to consider buying some property in Dubai for now. Some great bargains are available and I believe that a lot of extras are thrown in free.