The Refugee Problem In India – II

I dedicate this post to my blog friend Teenie. Why? For these pithy words in her comment on one of my earlier posts “I enjoyed Mitch’s post and your comments. I like how you are “divinely” gifted with your blog post ideas. LOL. Mine just seem to happen to me too. Herm Albright’s quote was great. I hope I annoy lots of people. Heehee.”

Teeni, Here is how I am divinely gifted with my ideas for blog posts.

A friend of mine, who reads all my blogs but, much to my dismay, refuses to comment on them but sends me emails on them. He has, for a change telephoned me this morning to complain that I have overlooked three very important groups in my post “Give Your Voice For Refugees”

The first one that he complained about is the group of Hindu Kashmiri Pandits who had to flee the Kashmir valley when
Islamic terrorists made life difficult for them there over 19 years ago. I plead guilty and have given a link to a news item which should assuage my friend’s hurt feelings.

My friend however is a stickler for details with a prodigious memory. He and I were neighbors in Delhi in the early 1980s and he reminded me of the Afghan refugees who fled to India when the Russians invaded Afghanistan. Both of us had met quite a few of them as they rented accommodation near where we lived and participated in many of the locality’s social activities. I had to do some digging to find out what ever happened to them and did eventually come up with some information. I offer a poor and aging memory as an excuse and give a link to an interesting article here.

The third group came as a complete surprise to me. I did not know that they existed within India. Apparently, some Palestinians landed up in India after the fall of Sadam Hussein. While I am indeed happy that they are happy to have found new homes and are about to leave, that they were accomodated here by Indians is precisely the point that I had made in my earlier post. I plead ignorance of this group and give you a link here about them.

Having done this, I shall now send an email to my friend and tell him that I have made amends.