Time the great leveler.

Time is change, transformation, evolution…—Isaac L. Peretz

At 7.15 this morning, I received a phone call from a friend from my past. Someone that I had not seen for over ten years, but with whom I am in frequent telephone touch.

This friend PS, and his wife were the local guardians to our son Ranjan, when he was in boarding school for three years. Our son was practically like a son in their home as, every holiday and special occasion, he could be found in their home along with their own two sons and a daughter, all elder to our son.

PS wanted to know if I was awake and naturally I was curious! So, I asked him as to where he was calling from. He sheepishly said that he had just got off a plane at the Pune airport and was on his way to our home along with his son Satya. They just wanted to spend some time with us before they went off to Shirdi, a place of pilgrimage, and four hours’ drive from our place.

The three of us quickly got ready to receive them. When they finally arrived, it was to surprise us further as; their respective wives, one small child and two other elders, all members of the family accompanied them!

It was a great reunion for all of us, and particularly for Ranjan and Satya, as they had a lot to catch up with, Satya having gone off to the USA many years ago.

All of those present however were certain of one thing. If as individuals each had seen any one else in a neutral location, no recognition of each other could have taken place. Yes, time had taken its toll. PS had undergone by-pass surgery and become a grand father five times over. I had undergone revision to my replaced hips, Satya had got married and become a father, Ranjan had gone through a marriage and divorce and all the ladies were so much more elegant and charming in their parent and grand parent status.

Time the great leveler!