The Inimitable Shobhaa De.

Shobhaa De is a popular writer of novels and columns. She is a versatile personality and her biography is as interesting as her writings. Like many other Indians, I like to read her as she is usually very entertaining,

She has now taken a totally different take on the causes for divorces/failed marriages and I think that she deserves a wider audience through my blog.

Her article, Terminal Boredom that appeared in our weekly magazine The Week this week is a classic.

I am sure that this will provoke some serious thought and perhaps discussions.

I Am Not Even Good Enough.

After some respectable time after my achieving widower status, some well wishers have tried their hands at matchmaking for me. There have also been a lot of ribbing about widows chasing me or me chasing widows all over the world.

In this scenario, I was loaned a book written by a very incisive lady.

This is the book.

Just so that you can get a feel for the book, you can read these two fairly good reviews, from the Forbes magazine and The Sunday Times. The former gets somewhat bogged down in semantics but otherwise is quite readable.

I found the book funny and poignant in turns, but asked my friend who loaned it to me as to why she thought it fit for me to read. She said that she was despairing for me and thought that so was I, and this was her way of conveying to me, that all is not lost and that some one somewhere will choose me. Instead of her expected response, I am now convinced that I am simply not even good enough!

No, the friend is not looking for someone who is good enough. She has got a great husband and has been his wife for 45 years.

What do you think?