Ready To Go.

Welcome back to the Friday 2 on 1 blog posts where Shackman and I write on the same topic. There was a break for a few weeks while Shackman went off for a reunion and he is now settled and raring to go at it again. So am I.

I am one of those highly disciplined fellows who is always ready to go. There is always a set of washed and ironed clothes in the wardrobe, simply waiting to be worn to go out as are a pair of polished shoes. My chest of drawers contains all the essentials that I need to carry with me when I go out like my wallet with my club /credit and identity cards plus of course enough money to meet any emergencies.

My cell phone is always charged and ready to go without charging for a few hours. I am also usually well fed and will be able to manage without food for a few hours.

Sounds creepy and unnatural? That is because I was a travelling salesman all my life and had a packed suit case ready to take with me on emergency trips. Those years of such living has to leave its imprint on one’s personality what?

I am also a sort of planner. For instance, if I know that I have to go to meet somebody, I will arrange for the gift/s to be ready well before it is time to leave and those packages are kept along with my walking stick so that I do not forget to take them. Any number of such tricks have been ingrained over years and so I can claim to be one who is always Ready To Go.

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