Hospital Diversion.

My readers will recall that I underwent surgery to replace a prosthesis in my hip.

The evening before the surgery, I was subject to a pre surgery interview by an intern. To conclude the interview she asked if I had any medical problems not listed by her and I promptly said that it may not be relevant but I suffered from arthritis of the brain. The intense thing took it down and that resulted in the hospital’s physician ringing my surgeon up to ask what the matter was!

My surgeon, incidentally a good friend, assured them that he would take care of my brain and not to worry.

Post surgery, the Physician, now well informed about the cranky old patient and the Intern came for another interview and I told them that the surgeon replaced not only my hip but also my brain. I profusely thanked the Intern for the interview without which I could not have got two replacements for the price of one.

One of my little diversions during the stay at the hospital. Wouldn’t you like to have been that Intern?