India’s Economy Version Android Tablet.

A news item caught my eye this morning and before I go off for the week end, I wanted to share my views on the branding of the tablet.

This review is a fair one and I am very happy for the development and the launch of the gadget.

What is unfair about the product is the brand name given to it – Sakshat.

Saakshaath (साक्षात) in Sanskrit has various meanings each depending on the context. Nearby, Within sight of, Personified, Obvious, and Incarnate, the last being the most commonly used.

I am sure that the last word, Incarnate, is what the branding genius had in mind, but he could have been more circumspect had he chosen a more phonetic spelling for the gadget.

To me and I am sure to many others, it sounds like Sack Shat. I am sure that the brilliant minds that thought up this brand did not have this in mind.