Readers of my Weekly Gratitude List on my other blog will recollect that on the 24th of February, I had gone to Navi Mumbai to attend the upanayanam of my grand nephew Srinath.

Here is a photograph taken on the occasion with Srinath taking blessings from his grand mother and me.

From Left to Right – Sundar, the father, Venkatesha Sastrigal, the officiating priest, Sugantha, the mother, Pattu (in the wheel chair) the grand mother, and me with the crutches.  Srinath is in the foreground on the floor doing his saashtanga namaskaram.

In case you are wondering, I was  taking a photograph from my mobile phone!

Here is another with Vignesh, the other nephew standing behind his mother.


Incidentally, Sundar and Vignesh are also my cousins. Their late father was my late mother’s younger brother. I am thus related from two sides to the two of them.