Happy Birthday Corky.

This is another instance of synchronicity that I keep experiencing repeatedly that this post follows my two posts on long lasting marriages. When I had scheduled those two earlier posts, I had no idea that I will be writing to honour Corky on her birthday. She too is an example of the old fashioned virtue of long marriages and I congratulate her and Joe on that too, on this occasion.

Once you read the two posts on Conrad’s blog, links for which are given below, you will know why I choose this picture, also from Conrad’s blog, to wish Corky a very happy birthday and to wish her many happy returns of the day too. The two blog posts and the comments on them, tell us something about Corky’s spirit and character.



And if you want to experience her sense of humour, you can do no better than read her comments and follow up comments on http://www.levintel.com/2011/03/15/false-advertising/#comments

All of us know how much Conrad loves and respects Corky and that sentiment has spilled over to his readers, some of who have had the privilege of either knowing her personally or have got to know her over the internet via Skype. It is sad that I live in India with odd timings that prevent my trying to do the same. I wish that I could one day.

In India, the eightieth birthday of a person is a very important occasion. It is called Sadabhishekam. It is celebrating the experiencing of 1000 moons. Had Corky been in India, I would have personally organized a grand celebration befitting that achievement. I would have done the same in the USA , if the distances between Pune and the USA were more manageable. Since neither is now possible at this late stage, here is wishing Corky once again Happy Eighty And Many More.