To Keep Or Not To Keep II


The wait is over.  I have now carefully perused all the responses to the poll and have decided to bow to the wishes of everyone.

I shall keep the beard.  I don’t need to be a lumber sexual when I am compared to Sean Connery!

What finally nailed it is this comment:

“Appa you are the Sean Connery of our area, the Don of Kalyaninagar and my Santa…. Not Santa Singh but Santa Claus.

So to do justice to all those characters please keep the beard.

Hugs and kisses….. Yours truly… Naakaam Bahu.” 

For some clarifications for those who do not know Hindi.  Kalyani Nagar is the name of the suburb where we live.  Santa Singh is the Indian equivalent of Murphy of Ireland, the butt of all jokes.  Naakaam translates to Useless and Bahu to Daughter In Law.

There Tammy, even the Bahu thinks that I am Sean Connery!