I Am A Softy.

We call this Softy Ice-cream here. No, I don’t mean that I am that.

When it comes to children, I become all soft and gooey gooey.

This is a photograph of my grand nephew Finlay escorting his little sister Josephine to a wedding. It is a bit dated but, shows the Scottish background. They are both a bit older now and Jo has just started to go to play school.  They live in Edinburgh.  They are the youngest of a lot of Rajgopauls.

The past few days, my nephew Simon who tries to get the kids to have breakfast and leave for school on time, calls me up on a video call so that these two rascals can talk to me and ask me questions like what is my favourite breakfast, colour, animal etc.

It takes just a few minutes but, the few minutes for me is heaven. I wish that some way could be invented to hug them from all this distance. .

This morning, I had a bonus. Their grandfather, my brother Barath was visiting and was a delicious surprise addition to the call.

It has been over six hours since the call.  I am still feeling like a softy.