The Woman In Red.

This is the news item.

This is Sebastian Coe’s explanation.

This is the reaction from young India.

“I hate to come back to this but I am finding it really upsetting. It’s a sickness, a malaise in people’s minds after years of corruption and entitlement, don’t care about anything; taught by our society “if I can then I have a right to”. No conscience, no sense of shame ? Fat sloppy arrogant woman in jeans sees nothing wrong in disgracing the Tiranga … marching publicly alongside athletes who have sweated and slogged all their lives for this honor. This loser must be socially boycotted and made to rue her act, criminally prosecuted for disgracing the national flag. I wish Sushil Kumar had just slammed her down to the ground. Probably his upbringing and culture did not allow him. Ramana Rajgopaul and Padmini Natarajan do your blogs have anything to say ?”

What more needs to be said?