India,Britain And Me.

My friend Anil sent me a link to an article in the Evening Standard of London by Sebastian Shakespeare to say how happy he was to read such nice things about India in general and Tamil Nadu in particular.

My origins lie in Tamil Nadu and I have lived some parts of my life there. I have also traveled extensively within Tamil Nadu and can vouch for everything that Sebastian Shakespeare says about it.

What however came as a surprise to me was the thrust of the article that London is going down the tube! Now for the uninitiated, there is a play of words there and I leave it to the readers to figure it out.

As my regular readers know, I am anglophile and admire the British for many things and the article was a bit of a let down to say the least.

As if that was not enough to get me thinking about the changes that are surely taking place in Britain, another article, this time in the Independent caught my eyes. The article by Yasmin Alibhai Brown is equally troubling.

I am sure that my regular readers from the UK know that I have a date to visit London, dance in the rain and have dinner with a charming lady reader. I wouldn’t like to be treated shabbily by BA cabin crew or get stuck in queues!

My regular readers, Grannymar, Magpie, Nick and Bunc may have something to say about these matters. I look forward to their comments. Barath and Simon, your comments too will be more than welcome.