What “Lesson From Mom” Do You Still Live By Today?

When I ask myself that question, bar a few lessons learnt during my working days from mentors, my entire value system and attitudes have been shaped by the lessons learnt from my mother. I also inherited two priceless traits from her; her sense of humour and compassion for the underdog.

If I have to choose one lesson, I would choose her advise to me in the year 1998 to become a vegetarian as she felt that it would help in my major spiritual pursuits which were in their nascent stage at that time. I distinctly remember her telling me that my lifestyle would automatically change with many habits dropping off on their own but my preference for non vegetarian food three times a day, would need conscious effort. It did turn out to be so, but from the very next day, I gave up all non vegetarian food and have not missed that part of my life ever.

She had also predicted that a time will come when I would be asked to take care of our father and that I should do so with compassion and an attitude of service. As I write this, her prediction has come true and I am trying my best to live up to that requirement. It has not been easy, but I have grinned and born it the last almost four years.

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