Taken 3.


I went to see this film because it had Liam Neeson in it. And I was not disappointed with his performance but came away with the feeling that he was wasted in a film in the action genre. His acting talents are not on show as there is little scope for him to show them. But he does a great job of portraying a avenging husband and protective father.

I did not know that there were Taken 3 and Taken before this. I doubt very much that they were shown in India, unless they were during the time when I was preoccupied with my other major occupation earlier in this century. After seeing this I wanted to know about its earlier stories and find that only Taken 2 is available on DVD. I will watch it after I go through my backlog!

“It Ends Here” is the tagline for the posters for the film. ┬áThe concluding scenes clearly indicate that there will be a sequel!

Suffice it to say that I enjoyed the film, but because it is an action based one using once again the modern villain, the Russian Mafia, I cannot bring myself to give more than[rating=4] rating despite the great performance by Liam Neeson.