Live On A Cruise Ship.


For some time now, my friend A and his dear wife N have been contemplating a different lifestyle to what they have and one of the alternatives that they thought of was to live permanently in a serviced apartment. I was quite enthused too and have been keeping an eye out for such possibilities within my budget. What deterred them then was their three dogs! Subsequently, their only child, like my own only child, put paid to all our aspirations by vetoing the whole idea as being silly!  I am not exaggerating.  As being silly is the exact reason quoted.

My bucket list however just got another item! Like our thinking about service apartments,for sometime now I had been getting emails saying that it would be better for retired people to live on cruise ships instead of in retirement homes. Here is even one blog post that I had occasion to read.

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.

What a way to live if you can afford that! That is, provided your very protective child/ren allow you to.