Rights Of The Cheated And The Cheats.

“”It is not that the honest pursuit of one’s selfish interests cannot be a social good. It is that if one is selfish, why would one be honest?” – Robert Brault.

When I read this story in the New York Times regarding Shoplifters, I could not believe my eyes.

I am fully on the side of the shop owners, who need to do whatever needs to be done to protect themselves. If the solution is to hand over these shoplifters to the police every time one is caught, the shop keeper will simply be spending avoidable time and expense attending court cases.

I believe that this is sensationalism by the press. The next thing we will have is ambulance chaser type of lawyers filing class action suits and civil rights do gooders raising a lot of noise too. The starting point of shoplifters stealing will get buried deep down.

Rights? What rights? To steal? I think that it is ridiculous to talk about rights of the shoplifters in this situation. What do you think?