World Tour On Bicycle By Siddhartha Priya.

A fellow alumnus from the Business School from which I graduated decades ago, is setting out on an adventure – A world tour on a bicycle. Siddhartha Priya is a young man with stars in his eyes. An idealist in an age of cynicism. I find his enthusiasm infectious and would like to introduce him to my readers.

Apart from being a fellow alumnus, he is also from Bihar, the land to which I owe a great deal for having enabled me to graduate from a university there, giving me a couple of lifelong friends and which brings back many happy memories, whenever it is mentioned.

I believe that the meaning of the name Siddhartha Priya, will be in order here. My readers will of course be familiar with Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha. The word Siddhartha is a compound consisting of two Sanskrit words, Siddha and Artha. Siddha means perfection. Artha has two meanings, one is wealth and the other is meaning. In this context of a proper name, Siddhartha would indicate one who is wealthy in perfection.

Priya is the second name of my young friend. This means beloved.

So, the full name will mean “The beloved of Siddhartha, or the beloved of the fully Perfect One (The Buddha). It could also mean, depending on who is talking, one who loves the Perfect One. I leave it to my readers to decide which one is apt for the young man. Indian names can be loaded!

Young Siddhartha has put up a blog site called World Tour on Bicycle and I would appreciate my readers visiting the site and extending encouragement of whatever kind that they can to this idealistic young man. Thank you.