Rains Finally!

rain 1
rain 2

I went on a day’s trip to Mumbai and back yesterday and these two photographs show the intensity of the rains on the highway.  Please forgive the quality of the photographs.  They were taken with my mobile phone.

Monsooon should have settled over our part of the world by mid June but it did not leading to wide spread panic about the possibility of a drought after many years.  Luckily since the last three days, there has been enough and more rain to raise hopes that the Met may just be right in predicting that the rest of the season will see enough rainfall to wipe out the deficit experienced during the one month that we did not have rains.

It was a tiring if somewhat nostalgic trip for me into the island of Mumbai.  It is after many years that I drove through some of my old very familiar areas including passing by the building where my parents lived when my brother and I were born way back in the early forties of the last century.  The rain played a spoiler but for all that, it was nice pointing out to my chauffeur the landmarks as it was his first visit to Mumbai.

I was forced to go to Mumbai as one of the clubs in which I am a member insisted that I come personally to prove that I am still alive and to pose for a photograph and sign in their presence so that a new RFID card could be issued for me.  I was duly photographed and mollycoddled into signing four times because my signature was too big for their requirment and finally sent off by a very courteous and cheerful young lady who thought that I was a fragile antique piece needing careful handling.  I enjoyed that handling and left after complimenting her for her efficiency.

And, no Shackman and John, it was not the kind of handling that you guys are imagining.

My work got over in just under fifteen minutes but I spent about two hours and forty five minutes on the island stuck in traffic! But for all that, I am happy that I went and saw Mumbai from ground level and in pouring rain.  That is the Mumbai I have etched in my mind from having lived the maximum number of years anywhere next to Pune.

On the way back, I made brief halts to meet two of my cousins on the mainland and those were not very happy visits as in both places I had to meet  people with health issues.

All in all a satisfactory, if somewhat tiring outing.

PS. Please do read the post and the comments, to which I have given a link under “my signature”.  One of my treasured stories and the comments combination in my blog.

Scribbles And Squiggles!

It is interesting how when one reads some thing, some other story comes to mind and one can identify with the story one has just read,

I had one of those moments when I read this news item in the NYT about Jacob J. Lew.

My signature is a peculiar one too and is mostly of vertical loops going across horizontally ending with a reverse loop in a flourish. It has been called ‘squiggles’ by a lot people. I reproduce my signature and what I use to initial where necessary here to show how peculiar.


And the story about the signature is even more peculiar but I use it still whenever someone comments on the odd signature that they see on documents signed by me.

Way back in 1982, I was the complainant in a civil case on behalf of my then employer against a Jalandhar based businessman on a trademark matter. I was present in the court on the last hearing and the Judge had reserved judgement for a later date. Our lawyer had assured me that I need not be present at the time of his delivering the judgement and had returned to Delhi to handle my other responsibilities.

On the date that the judgement was pronounced, our lawyer rang me up from Jalandhar and informed me that my presence was required by the Judge and asked me to come to Jalandhar the next day. At some inconvenience, I caught the overnight train and reached the court the next day and the story unfolded. The Judge asked if I was present in the court, and on being told that I was, he asked me to approach the bench. When I went up to him, he handed over a blank sheet of paper and asked me to affix my signature on it explaining that he would destroy the paper in my presence. When I did, he destroyed the sheet of paper but smiled and said that he wanted to see how the signature was put down on paper as he found it difficult to imagine someone ‘doing’ that very peculiar signature. He then shook hands with me and asked me to return to my seat and then delivered the judgement.

The nice part of the story was of course that we got a permanent stay order against the defendant with costs.

I wonder if our own blogger-hand-writing analyst Delirious will analyse my signature like Sheila Lowe has done for Mr. Lew’s signature!