In my life synchronicity is a great player and as I should have expected, this morning when I was musing about how to go about writing this week’s LBC post, I came across this piece of wisdom, thanks to Nick who posted this on his facebook page.

I want to use this forum to list all the serious stuff that either have been eliminated or which I have eliminated from my life.

Right on top of the list will be matrimony. I did not eliminate this. This was eliminated for me by life which took my spouse of forty years away from me five years ago. I however do not for a moment doubt that the state of matrimony is a very serious matter. It was not always so for us in the first 33 years of our life together but it did become so the last seven when Urmeela was incapacitated and I cared for her. I tried to make it as unserious as possible during those days but for her too many important things kept cropping up that made life very serious.

The next big item that was eliminated for me from my list of serious stuff was the death of my father two years ago, which after some serious set backs, released me from psychological scars that I had carried for a life time. That baggage was right royally eliminated with that resolution.

Believe it or not, all the other items in the list are things that not big in terms of impact on my life but the elimination of which has made for a rather unserious life style. In no particular order of priority and not exhaustive, they are:

Formal Western style clothes and footwear.
Attending religious ceremonies/rites except under exceptional circumstances.
Watching television.
Obligatory attendance of meetings, reunions etc.
Serious people.
Frustrating relationships.
Whatsapp and similar Instant Messaging applications on my mobile phone and computer.
Guilt when saying no to things and situations not to my liking.
A number of subscriptions to magazines/periodicals that do not appeal to me any more.

You do get a sense of how I am moving my lifestyle to one of being totally unserious don’t you?

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The Inessential Belongings That We Collect

“We happily accumulate possessions and happily give them away. It is only possessing them that gives no happiness.”
– Robert Brault.

It is one more coincidence that this topic has been suggested at this time. For the past ten days or so, my home has been undergoing a cleaning up process, which is not yet complete.

I was full time cook and dishwasher for three days, which started the process of discarding useless stuff. There were unused vessels, utensils, containers, scrubbers, ladles and so on and I had a merry time throwing them all away and cleaning up the kitchen to a functional, and simple place to work in. As I write this, the kitchen is minus some vessels, bins and utensils that should total to about 50 Kgs.

This led to the investigation of various other stored stuff and all those are also in the process of being sent for recycling or donated to someone who can use them.

The next in line will be some of my books which have to go to make room for new ones that seem to appear at regular intervals. Finally, the last ones that will have to go and which will give me much regret will be my suits and other formal clothes that I have not worn for the past three years.

In this process, I have understood that, what Magpie calls the inessential things in our life, seem to take up more space in my life than essentials. Robert Brault’s quote at the beginning of this post is apt indeed.

Henceforth, I am determined that for any thing new to come in, something else has to go out. I think that it is the only way to keep the home clutter free and easy to maintain.

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