I take my readers back to my post where I had written about how I lost a pair of slippers when I had gone for a concert/lecture programme.

I was reminded of that incident when this ditty came way my in a WhatsApp forward. It is in Hindi and I have translated it to English below each line.  This poor fellow is devastated because only one of the pair was stolen!

रंग से गोरी न थी ..😊
She was not fair in complexion
लेकिन सुन्दर थी..😊
But, she was beautiful
बहुत ऊँची न थी…😊
She was not very tall
लेकिन मेरे लिए योग्य थी…😘
But, she was just right for me
प्रेम देने वाली न सही…😊
Though she was incapable of giving love
मेरे कदमो से कदम मिलाती थी…😊
She used to walk in step with me
मंदिर – मस्जिद आने से इनकार करती थी….😊
She is used to balk at accompanying me to Mosques and Temples
लेकिन बाहर मेरा इंतजार करती थी….😍
But, she used to wait for me outside
कही भी जाओ मेरे लिए रुक जाती थी वो….😉
Wherever I went, she would stop for me

जैसी भी थी
However she may have been
मेरी चप्पल थी.. 🙄🙄
She was my chappal
पता नहीं कौन उठाकर ले गया साला 😠😟😭😞😞 एकदम नयी चप्पल थी।
Don’t know who stole her away from me, she was brand new.