Wouldn’t all of us like such rumours to be spread about us?

In my case, an attempt at humour by a dear friend resulted in it becoming a fast spreading rumour which in turn became an urban legend about, hold your breath, yours truly.

When my friend Vichu met me after many years at Delhi airport, he saw me using a walking stick and wanted to know the reason. He was going to Chennai and I to Jaipur. I was just 38 years old then and it was an unusual sight for someone of that age to use a walking stick. I explained to him the reason that I had damaged my hip joints and had to get them replaced soon, he could not believe me. He decided to crack a joke about it when he met my brother in Chennai after that eventful meeting and quipped that I had jumped out of a second floor flat to escape from a husband who had come unexpectedly and had fractured my hip joints. My unsuspecting and naive brother believed that story and it became a family legend first and then when I came to know of it, I started using it myself as part of my repertoire of humour. The connection between rumour and humour!

We are right now in the midst of our national elections and rumours of all kinds spread like wild fire thanks to modern social media networks. People have started to use social media rather than trust the mass media like TV and Newspapers as they find the latter biased in favour of one or the other side of the polarised political spectrum. This has its own pitfalls and rumours rather than facts gain credibility sometimes resulting in unintended consequences. I try and check credible sources before I decide to forward messages received in WhatsApp and Twitter and often have to stop further spreading of unverifiable information.

I personally do not start or spread rumours. Often to the bemusement of friends who love doing just that. How about you?

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It Is A Small World.

On the way back from Thane with my two ex colleagues last week as I had written, I was encouraging one of them SD,  also an alumnus from my Business School, to take active part in our local alumni activities as he had recently moved to Pune and had not yet started to participate. During the conversation, I mentioned a name AB,  active in alumni activities and quite famous in alumni circles as being a successful entrepreneur.  It turned out that SD and AB were in the same hostel block at the institute and played for block team in foot ball and knew each other well.

Lo and behold, while these things were being discussed, the other friend DK in the car turned around and asked, “Did you mention AB?”   On being answered in the affirmative, he says that AB was his nephew!  It also turned out that DK had lost contact with AB for decades due to the former’s  transferable career.

I called AB on the phone later and he was flabbergasted!  He simply said, “It’s a small world!” I now await the right opportunity to put SD and AB in touch with each other as well as DK and AB.

Last week, another friend PC from Delhi, posted on Facebook that he had written a book that had just been released in the market. I bought the book from Amazon and to give some publicity to the book shared the fact on Facebook. Later on, another friend from Pune who also is a friend of PC, commented on the post that she did not know that I knew PC! I explained to her how PC’s son and Ranjan were classmates in school in Delhi way back in the early 80s and had reestablished contact thanks to the social media.  Naturally, since the parents also had met at that time, PC and I reestablished contact too recently. And her response? “It’s a small world!”