Somali Piracy.

In a twist to the saga of the Danish hostages taken by Somali pirates, the Chief Pirate now wants to marry the 13 year old, yes you read me right, 13 year old child. You can read all about that monstrosity here.

Apart from the five Danes there are 20 other hostages imprisoned by these animals. Just a few weeks ago, British couple Chandlers were released after arranging for a ransom of GBP 625,000, after being in captivity for over a year.

The Indian Navy has recently had some significant success in foiling some attempts at piracy and have captured over sixty pirates, many of them mere boys, employed by kinpin bosses safely on shore in Somalia and financed by Middle Eastern financiers. Some of the problems that India will now face is to prosecute the pirates arrested and imprison them at Indian tax payers cost.

The world’s mightiest Navies are hamstrung by values of fair play to captured pirates, at the cost of their respective tax payers funds.

Here is another report on the process and you can see why I find the whole process frustrating.

Should we simply not throw these animals into the sea for shark feed?