My Baldness And Spam.

All my readers know that I am bald. Not quite totally, but sufficiently enough to be called a baldie. I have no problem with being bald and find it quite convenient to be so.

What intrigues me however is the fact that one spammer or perhaps more than one, has chosen to target me for a baldness cure enterprise.

Akismet caught seven spam comments on my post Miss. Tibet.

I unspammed all of them so that my readers can have a look at these very enlightening comments.

What intrigues me are the questions, how did they know that I am bald and why did they choose Miss Tibet as the post to spam on!

Spam Comments.

Akismet has so far protected my blog to the extent of 8,620 spams caught, 5,786 legitimate comments, and an overall accuracy rate of 99.174%. It is however a chore to go through everyday to ensure that some genuine comment does not get filtered out by Akismet.

In the last one week however, I have been getting an unusually large number of spam comments, on one day going up to 123! Otherwise, the average is around forty per day, but during the last week the figures have been hovering around 60!

Many comments are in Russian and a lot of them try to persuade me to purchase medicine (!) online.

I wonder if other readers have also noticed such increased spam comments. I look forward to hearing from the other bloggers about their experience.

Thank you.