Two days ago, my father suddenly decided that instead of a hard boiled egg every day, he would have a soft boiled one. Since our old egg cups could not be found I went looking for a couple in our neighbourhood stores. I could not purchase any in any of the shops here.

Manjiri offered to procure one for me from the city where she was going to anyway, and I was very happy to accept her offer. I however specified that I would prefer a stainless steel one as opposed to a ceramic one as, my father is likely to drop it and a ceramic one would shatter.

Manjiri scoured all the shops but could not find a stainless steel egg cup though she found a number of shops selling ceramic ones. Then, something clicked and she came up with a brilliant idea. She procured this for me:

Ideal as either cup could be used depending on the size of the egg, as the eggs that we get here are not always of the same size.

This however is not an egg cup. This is what we call a peg measure or what in the UK is called a spirit measure. Barmen use this to measure small or large shots of spirits.

So what? It serves the purpose. I inaugurated the cup earlier today and my father was delighted.

Thank you Manjiri for the brilliant idea.