A New Fail-Proof Enterprise For Senior Citizens.

A very popular story is doing the rounds in Indian newspapers. “Broker-Turned-Monk Offers Home Truths. Please do read this very interesting article from Reuters.

Some years ago, “The Monk who sold his Ferrari”, and all the sequels to that, which followed were also gobbled up and the author Robin Sharma became a cult figure.

In India, there are any number of Financial Experts who mix economics with spiritualism or religion, or Gurus who do the reverse, and command enviable followings.

Why am I writing about these illustrious people?

We had a get together of some good friends last evening and as it is common now days, the topic turned to the American melt down. All of us have connections of one kind or the other with the USA, with most having children or nephews/nieces, either with green cards or who have become American citizens.

Recently, we have been seeing a return to India of many young Indians who had gone to the USA with great expectations. Many of them are coming back because of increased opportunities here itself. Some have found living there difficult but most return primarily because they have the safety network of their families to take care of children, when both husband and wife wish to pursue careers. Discussing these matters led to other more relevant topics and this post is all about one such topic.

All of us have been to either the USA or to Europe or to both, to be baby sitters. None wish to stay on there, as, we are too old to change our ways and being cooped up in homes with only the TV for company and cook for the children and grand children is not exactly what we wish to do with our retired lives. Some of us are quite busy, but among us there are a few who have plenty of time to spare and wish to do something new. Say become entrepreneurial at this late stage! The business idea that came up was to start an “Ashram”.

The consensus was that I should become a guru in this scenario! Two marketing types offered to drum up business for the “ashram” and two others offered to take care of the logistics. All that I had to do was to agree to give two lectures, one in the morning and one in the evening and spend an hour each time to meet individual devotees. A rough and ready calculation showed that in three months time, we should recover initial investment on infrastructure, promotion, press releases etc, and after that, we shall not only be self sustaining, we can make serious contributions to the national exchequer!

What do you think?