Agony Uncle – Curtains.

My apologies for the delay in posting this final piece, which should have been done the day before yesterday. I am on a new exercise regime which saps me out in the evenings and the last two have been brutal. I hope to get used to the new regime in the next few days, but in the meanwhile, I may be a bit erratic with my postings and comments.

To get back to the story, which Padmini in her FaceBook page calls being similar to a soap opera, let me update Between the time that my NIL was on cloud nine and called my niece with the good news and the time he reached home, he must have had some opportunities to talk about the matter with his colleagues, or perhaps he just gave the whole matter a great deal of thought. Whatever the reason, when he reached home late in the evening, he was far from the afternoon high.

From what I gathered from my niece, he decided that it was time that he too had a ‘nice chat’ with his wife, just as his boss had done. The nice chat, at least from the point of view from my niece’s side, was an ultimatum. Either she falls in line with his demand that she too becomes like the other wives of his colleagues, or the time to take hard decisions was at hand. The talk apparently turned out to be a monologue, at the end of which, my niece quietly packed her clothes, and took the two children and went off to her mother’s place.

When I came to know this story, I contacted the NIL who bluntly told me that her parents and people like me were responsible for her being the spoiled child, that she is, and told me to keep off the matter. He said that he is quite capable of handling his marital problems and would not like me to interfere.

I have decided to keep off the whole matter, and that is that.