Tammy Is No More.

I got news of Tammy’s passing away two days ago but, was searching for a proper obituary before I wrote about her.

From the time I started my blog more than a decade ago, Tammy was a regular visitor and commentator. Her comments were pithy and often humorous. They were always welcome and I missed her comments if she failed to comment.

Her blog Peanut On The Table, sadly no longer in existence since she took it down during the Covid lockdown, was amusing and always full of cheer and optimism.  A peculiar feature of her writing whether her blog or her comments was that she would never use capital letters.

Two of her other admirers, Jean and Catherine have also written about her departure.

I could not find a better Obituary for her than this:

May the wind carry her spirit gently,
May the fire release her soul,
May the water cleanse her, and the earth receive her,
May the Goddess rock her in loving arms,
And may the wheel turn and bring her to rebirth.

I will miss you Tammy.