Tornado, Steam Locomotive.

This morning, one of our newspapers, the Business Standard carried a beautiful photograph of the Tornado, steaming its way over the Ribblehead Viaduct near York in the UK. The news about the run however is available here. Unfortunately, I am unable to give a link or reproduce the photograph despite some serious attempts including a phone call to the Executive Editor of the news paper. I have however been able to locate another photograph which may be over the same viaduct.
My readers will remember my fascination with the Indian Railways, when I was goaded into writing a post by Sandeep. This morning’s photograph reminded me of the promise that I had made to him about writing more posts on railways, and here is one of them. I hope to write a few more, but of a different nature than this.

When The Economist wrote about the Tornado in February of this year, I had every intention of getting to the UK some time soon and traveling by this train. That situation changed subsequently and all my travel plans are on hold, but the article that I had saved up for future reference is still with me on my “To do List”. This is a fascinating story of nostalgic enthusiasts coming together and making such a great enterprise possible.

In the process of conducting some more research, I came across another blog which gives some more information about the trust that made this possible and that too makes fascinating reading.

It appears as though I shall soon have to make a short trip to a town about 600 Kms up north west from here and I plan doing it by train by transiting at Mumbai. I really look forward to it, and if I do, it will make for a great blog post.