The Post.

I often wonder at how fortunate I am with so many good things happening to me. This is another instance of such good fortune that I was able to see The Post on its last showing in our cinemas today.

I would have normally seen it on Tuesday but was unable to as Ranjan and Manjiree were away on vacation and I was Chutki sitting and playing watchman. They came back yesterday enabling me to go today and I am more than delighted that they came back in time.

I had been wanting to see it from the time I read reviews about it some time ago. Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks were more than enough inducement but there was a bonus in the form of direction by Steven Spielberg.

I was old enough in the sixties and interested enough in the Vietnam war and its repercussions in the USA during the late sixties and the early seventies of the last century. I distinctly remember the Nixon years and the name of Robert McNamara was as well known here in India as it was in the USA. For me therefore seeing something on the screen showing events of those days was a mind blowing experience.

Steven Spielberg, Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks, did not disappoint and for those who have not seen the film and are worried about the freedom of the press as we are in India today, this movie is a must see one.

Bridge Of Spies.



A potent combination of Steven Spielberg, The Coen Brothers, Tom Hanks and Alan Alda plus a very well made trailer that I saw last week had made up my mind to see this film before it was taken off from our screens. A great many others must have felt the same way as there were only four seats vacant in the theater when we saw it. This itself was a most unusual experience for me. I don’t think that today being a holiday had anything to with it, but that it was Thursday and that it could be taken off must have influenced the attendance.

I don’t think that any viewer was disappointed. There were very few of my age who could identify with the Berlin wall, U2 planes, Garry Powers and the cold war but despite that they enjoyed the film was obvious. Even for me and my first time partner in crime Megh, the exchange story was a new insight and the two for one exchange was also a new insight.

There is nothing negative that comes to mind about the film other than the limited role for Alan Alda where despite his short appearance, he makes his presence felt. What can one say about Tom Hanks being directed by Spielberg?  And a truly remarkable performance by Mark Rylance as Rudolf Abel, brings out the message that even spies can be human!  His unforgettable delivery of “Is that gonna help?” is worth seeing the film once again.

Most of my readers are of my age group. Though the Americans among them may know the full story behind the film already, it still is a refresher course with current Russia / West confrontations coming to the fore again for all of us and for the younger ones, a wake up call to learn from history.

Don’t miss it.


When my friend Nandu posted this on his facebook wall, I was intrigued after seeing the clip that was attached. “Recently watched the movie ” Hereafter” on DVD having missed it first time round ( released 2010 ) – unbelievable that I did , considering it is directed by Clint Eastwood and stars Matt Damon !! Here is the most awesome ( near ) opening scene which should whet anyone’s appetite to see the brilliant movie if they have missed it!”

I promptly sent for a DVD of it and even briefly mentioned it in my post “Too Strange.” In that post, I had mentioned that I will eventually review the film and this is the review.

Let me start off by saying that with the hype of Clint Eastwood and Matt Damon being the motivating factors behind the decision to send for the DVD, I was a bit disappointed with the whole experience and in my post on “Too Strange”, this is what I had said – “Seeing “Hereafter” was a very unusual and indescribable experience. It is more so because it has been produced and directed by Clint Eastwood and one naturally wonders as to what prompted him to do so on a film with such an odd theme. Be that as it may, it is not a film that I would have seen had it not been recommended by someone I knew and so the surprise.”

The film revolves around three individuals whose various experiences eventually bring them together and two of them to a romantic relationship as well. The common thread that does this is one individual, played by Matt Damon being able to “connect” with dead people. That is what would have normally put me off from seeing the film but I was intrigued enough to see what it was all about.

That connecting with the dead part plays a small role but portrayal of the three individuals by Matt Damon, Cécile de France and a young lad Frankie McLaren is of the highest order and I must credit the director Clint Eastwood for getting such performances out of them. He has also avoided over use of the mystery aspect of the story and has brought the human elements to the fore which is creditable.

The story however lacks credibility, at least with me and therefore, despite it having been produced by another icon Steven Spielberg, I cannot see myself giving the film more than a [rating=4] rating.  Had I investigated a little more before I rushed to buy the DVD, I would not have spent the 130 minutes watching it.  There are however people who are intrigued by the occult and mediums and such paranormal phenomena to whom this it likely to appeal, particularly with such a famous producer/director/actor team.