The Invisible Man III

Some of my readers had expressed their eagerness to read about the man to who I was invisible.

I became invisible again to him two evenings ago at the same venue.

This time however, I refused to be invisible and greeted him loud enough for not only the people sitting nearby but also far enough to include a great many others. Needless to say, he became the center of attraction alright. I do have what the TOF calls a sonorous baritone and when it is loud, it must sound like a bull horn. And when the greeting was something like, “Hello, why have I become invisible to you?” it must have raised a few eye brows alright.

He was taken aback but recovered enough to invite me to walk with him a while, as it would have otherwise been imprudent to talk where others could hear about what he knew was coming. I obliged and simply asked him when he intended repaying the substantial sum that I had loaned him over six months ago, which he had promised to return in two weeks.

” Borrow money from pessimists – they don’t expect it back.”
~ Steven Wright

No, I am not a pessimist and I knew that he was in a position to return the loan but was avoiding to do so for whatever reason. He was in dire straits when I had gone to his rescue and I resented the fact that while he was gallivanting all over town and spending money, he could not repay me. When I bluntly put it to him that I would share the story with the others, he promised to repay soon and the walk ended.

He came early yesterday afternoon and repaid the entire amount and presented me with a huge Black Forest cake as a gift too!

So, to Steven Wright, I would say, “lend money only if you can ask for it back”.