The Jaipur Foot.

I had been mulling about writing about this innovation since I blogged about the barefoot college in my Simplicity post.

When I came across this story in the Los Angeles Times, I decided to share another innovation about bare feet.

Sudha Chandran was a sensation when it was revealed that she danced with an artificial leg. Bharata Natyam is a vigorous and intricate dance form and is always danced on bare feet. The success of the prosthesis can be judged when viewed from that angle.

When such innovations take place, lives change. The handicapped become completely changed personalities and start to lead productive lives.

Do Please tie this post to my earlier post on The End Of Charity, and our perception of well meaning individuals giving their time and money to worthy causes like Dr. P. K . Sethi and Masterji Ram Chander ably carried forward by others like Devendra Raj Mehta, changes to respect.