Two New Friends.

My readers know how much I enjoy being with young people and I am blessed to come across many interesting young people who challenge me and keep me on my toes. I am sure that it is this interaction with the young that has kept me from going bonkers. Here is another instance of two young people coming into my life thanks to a series of events which I prefer calling as synchronicity.

The producer and the Director of the film Ippadikku featured in my Post Jaganmohan Krishnamoorthy and Shiva Shankar Natarajan took great pains to locate me and after fixing up an appointment came over to meet me on Saturday evening.


That is Shiva on the left and Jagan on the right.
The following two photographs show me with Shiva and Jagan.
Shiva and self
Jagan and self

They spent about two hours with me and it was a very informative and interesting time spent getting to know each other and about film making. As usual, I was enthralled by their individual stories which have brought them together in Pune and the synchronicity that has brought the two into my life.

I look forward to being in touch with them and perhaps even participating in their future ventures in whatever way that they choose.



I learnt something new. And as usual, synchronicity played its part as well.

I had a very disturbed night last night and found it difficult to sleep. For me, this is a very unusual situation but I consoled myself that it was due to a highly charged evening when I was in the midst of grieving friends, accompanied a funeral procession to the crematorium, saw my friend of two decades cremated and returned to a rather sombre environment.

I would normally read if I can’t sleep but I was unable to read as I was unable to focus. I was unable to meditate, another tool I use to stabilise myself when disturbed and so it was a restless night till very early in the morning when I finally dozed off.

On booting up the computer to check for my mail I found this article in the Washington Post and it took another visit to the internet via the ever present google to discover that TLDR means Too Long Didn’t Read. I had never come across this acronym before and found it quite amusing that people use this on chats.

Be that as it may, the end of the article is quite amusing for regular readers and I think that it offers an escape route for people suffering from the TLDR syndrom.

Where does synchronicity come into all of this? I have just taken a sabbatical from facebook to catch up with my reading. I have been buying books and they have piled up and I am determined to plough through them and get back on line with facebook sometime in the next few weeks. TLDR would certainly help!

Have you used TLDR in your communications or do you suffer from the syndrome?

Gift Voucher.


My propensity for sequels and my awe at synchronicity increases every day. But rather than call this post Relaxation II which would have been logical, let me use this forum to say thank you to Manjiri.

Yesterday my son Ranjan came and sat next to me while I was solving my usual quota of crossword puzzles. Out of the blue he said that his girl friend Manjiri has gifted me with a voucher for a massage at an upscale spa close to home where I would be able to choose from various types of massages including the pizhichil that I had written about yesterday. I asked him whether he had read my LBC blog post on relaxation and he said no. He added that the gift voucher had been with him for a few days and he had just forgotten to give it to me.

1. While I was busy writing about massages, Manjiri had decided to gift me with a voucher for one.
2. I discovered that I can get my favourite massage close to home with commuting time of about ten minutes either way.
3. On the day that my blog post appeared all these three developments came together!

As the readers of the book The Secret and believers in the law of attraction would say, the universe answered!

Amazing is it not?

Deadlines – II And Synchronicity

I reproduce below the exchange of views between The Old Fossil and me in my post Deadlines.

TOF : Deadlines and punctuality aren’t the same thing to me. Deadlines I always think of as production with expectation, often because one person in a production is part of the critical path for another person’s results.

Punctuality on the other hand seems more along the lines of courtesy. I am almost always punctual, mostly to show respect to another and to feel respect for myself.

Me : Agreed but the end result for both is to be on time. The first to finish and the latter to attend.

TOF : Yes, but a deadline can generate more stress for me than punctuality.

My readers know how much synchronicity there is in my life. Here is what I saw in this morning’s newspaper.

Human Branding.

Thanks to a couple of curious minds and synchronicity, I learnt something totally new and awesome.

On Friday evening, Meeta and her husband Megh had dropped in for some snacks and a chat and Meeta asked me if I had been branded to signify that I was a brahmin. When I replied in the negative she was mystified as her brother in law, her sister’s husband, a brahmin was and was planning to get his children branded too. On enquiry I found that her brother in law is an Iyengar whereas I am an Iyer and I undertook to investigate and let her know.

Lo and behold, synchronicity working again, my Iyengar friend from Sydney called me later for a chat on Skype and the first thing that I asked him was about the branding. Without saying anything. Prasad simply removed his pullover, shirt and vest and showed me the two brands he had on his torso! He explained the ritual to me and guided me to Wikipedia for more detailed information.

Apparently it is a rite of passage somewhat akin to the Christening, Bar Mitzwah, etc of the West. Here is what Wikipedia has to say about the rite. It is however practiced in the breech more than as a norm now a days. Sad.


Amongst all Srivaishnavas, there is a unique initiation ceremony into the Vaishnavite Brahmin brotherhood along with the Upanayanam. The Vasihnavite youngster is initiated into Iyengar fraternity by branding him with the Chakram(wheel) and the sanghu(conch), which are holy symbols associated with Lord Vishnu. The ceremony of initiation called Samashrayanam is usually carried out by the head of a Vaishnavite mutt. The knot in the sacred thread worn by Vaishnavites is known as Vishnu Grandhi as opposed to those worn by Smarthas which is known as Rudra Grandhi.

The sanghu is the shell on the right of the picture below and the chakram is the wheel on the left below. The image in the center is called a Naamam.

India comes up with surprises, even for an Indian like me!