Zardari’s Admission

Today’s Times of India has an interesting editorial. What many of us in India have been predicting and cautioning about has come about. Sixty years of hatred towards India, jealousy and envy of India’s achievements as an alternative to a theocratic state, a desire to cause damage to India through the promotion of and active support to Islamists to terrorize India, a desire to take revenge for military defeats after repeated attempts at war, etc, have finally turned the monster created by Pakistan to turn itself against its creator.

Denial of truth, duplicity and betrayal have finally resulted in Pakistan’s establishment to accept that their ways have failed and are about to cause damage to themselves.

Quite what happens to Pakistan is their business. What can happen to India is ours. I have written a letter to the editor of the Times of India which reads as follows:

Dear Sir,

This refers to the editorial “Zardari’s Admission” that appeared in your today’s edition.

India will face tremendous difficulties when, not if, the Taliban take over even the territory just bordering Pakistan and Afghanistan. Our opinion makers and leaders do not seem to foresee the problem of Pakistani refugees that will flood India. These will meet with hostility and their very move towards India will cause problems for the Muslims in India.

Kashmir will once again be prone to mischief from the Tribals from the Pathan areas and unless our armed forces are equipped and on alert the Taliban will try to bring about in Kashmir and then on to the rest of India, what they have
already achieved in Pakistan.

Our leadership has not yet come to grips with this issue and particularly the issue of local elements that support LeT etc. There has been no news whatsoever about the six persons who are claimed to have arrived with the ten accounted for in the Mumbai carnage. Their local supporters are yet to be apprehended and the story goes on.

The time for politcking is long past and we need to protect our land from imminent catastrophy.


In another related development, U.S Envoy Richard Holbrooke has been in India and the Voice of America has this to say about his meetings here.

Two other articles will be of interest to my American readers. The first one is about the Taliban and Pakistan making peace with each other and the other, quite what the Taleban is doing in the USA.

In a response to Conrad, I had said that events will overtake us and we shall be left watching catastrophe develop, unless we realize what we are up against and unite to protect non Islamic ways of life. Events are beginning to overtake us much earlier than I had anticipated.

I leave my readers to interpret these news items and come to their own conclusions. My Indian readers, I hope will understand my angst and despair.