The last three people I’ve spoken to (apart from family or household members)


I: – Mr. Rajgopaul, you are a dumbo.

My inner self: – That you are. Now before Ranjan starts to laugh, boot up the computer.

2. Telephone call.

Me: – Rajgopaul.

Caller: – Good morning sir. This is Rita from XYZ Bank. May I take a few moments to talk to you about our personal loans?

I: – No thanks. Not interested. But if you are interested and are willing to give me one percent more than what you would charge me as interest, I am willing to extend a loan to you.

Caller: – Sir!

3. My client Das on phone.

Das: – Good morning Sir. How are you?

I: – I am well thank you Manjunath, how are you?

Das: That is what I am calling about. I am not very well and have not gone to the office.

I: – I am sorry to hear that, but why did you not answer my phone call earlier this morning?

Das: – I was at the doctor’s clinic when you had called.

I: – Okay, what about the overdue payment?

Das: – Sir, as soon as I am well and I get back to work, I will make arrangements sir. I am really sorry.

I: – Okay, get well soon.

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