While writing about History, I had not added that while my focus is on reading History, to break the monotony, I often read fiction too. Sometimes, I end up reading three things at a time, like one book on history, one fiction and say one of the many periodicals that I subscribe to.

While reading everything else is no problem, when I read fiction of the action or thriller genre, I find myself not being able to read continuously as the tension builds up. I stop reading when that tension builds up and, resume reading after a few minutes and continue till the next tension build up takes place.

It was not like this a few years ago but I have gone back to reading action / thrillers only recently and I now find this rather peculiar inability.

I doubt that it is an inability to handle tension or,  that there is too much adrenalin pumping but, it is an inability that I am unable to manage.

Symptom of aging? What do you think WWW? I ask you as you are close to my age and also a voracious reader. I hope that you will come up with an explanation.