Weekly Recap – 8.

Last Saturday started off with my life-line Idli and Vadai wallah put in an appearance and my father was delighted being able to speak to him in our language. It was comedy with my father unable to hear him and answering irrelevant things to simple questions. You would have read about him in my post.

I got news that my maternal first cousin has just become a grandfather. That side of the family now has a third generation male child!

The missing middle book in a trilogy has now been replaced with many apologies from the online book seller. I have started reading it.

Sunday was total bliss. Day nine sans cigarettes passed off without incident.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday saw a lot being accomplished. My father had been insisting on banking with three different banks for sentimental reasons. I had tried to get him to simplify by consolidating into one account with one bank and he had resisted. Whether he imagines that I will be a different person after my surgery or whatever, on Monday he suddenly agreed to do so, and I had to start the process of getting his pension and other payments shifted to the bank close by, closing a couple of accounts, transfering funds etc. All are going well without hitch and hopefully, before the end of this month his affairs will be much more simple to manage and handle.

I had been in email exchanges with the surgeon who will revise my hip joint and he has been clearing some doubts and misgivings with patience and humour. Nice to have a surgeon who understands the patient’s anxiety.

Wednesday also saw me make a new friend through the simple expedient of humour.

Thursday was dentist appointment for my father and I surprised the dentist with a gift of a book. That did not persuade her to give a discount on her fees though! I was also very pleasantly surprised by a request for a telephone interview by a writer writing about net shopping. She promised to visit my blog and leave comments too!

Friday saw me discovering a big goof up by my bankers on an important account which is being rectified. Phew! It also saw two friends coming over to visit and spend time with me. My own invention, an Indian version of Pesto was cooked by our help and it turned out to be out of the world.

The whole week was full of rain and we hardly saw the sun. Despite the weather being so gloomy, there were a lot of things to be cheerful about.