Australia And India.

This post is dedicated to my blogger friend Jim at Personal Reflections.

The post itself has been triggered by a mail from my friend Sandeep parts of which I quote:
– “Indians and Australians often have warped views of each other’s countries. Many Indians view Australia as a country of ill-mannered, drunken, racist  louts who beat up Indan students in racist attacks. Australians view India as dirt poor (not  true), unsafe (not true again), unsanitary (partially true) and chaotic (true). The adverse publicity that India got in the Australian press in the run-up to the Commonwealth Games recently was extraordinarily bad and in some cases, borderline racist. It is ALWAYs dangerous to stereotype.”

Sandeep went on to lead me to an article in an Australian paper, which in turn led me to others and I give a sequence of articles that disproves some of the wrong notions that both countries have about each other at the macro level.

Article One.

Article Two.

Article Three.

Article Four.

Jim, I salute the Australian Press. I also salute the Delhi Police who handled the last night’s celebrations with maturity and understanding.