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Despite my protests, Ranjan and Manjiree took me to The Pune Farmers Market last Sunday for lunch. I had heard about this periodic event from Ranjan as Karen Anand and her family are good friends of his. I finally succumbed and went to see for myself how the event is organised.

I was very pleasantly surprised to see excellent arrangements with a number of participants displaying a wide variety of products and more impressed with the milling crowds everywhere. Ranjan and Manjiree kept bumping into their friends while I too met some of my friends but since they too had to float around to see what was on offer, I soon found myself all alone wandering around.

I got tired soon and tried to sit somewhere and found that what was on offer for relics like me to sit were uncomfortable and suggested to Ranjan that I quietly go back home and so Ranjan distracted me by getting some excellent snacks to eat and Asheesh got me an exotic iced tea to wash it all down. After that little distraction, Ranjan sensed that I was uncomfortable and drove me back home to amuse myself with my regular distractions of the siesta, crossword puzzles, reading and internet activities.

Moral of the story? I have enough distractions in my existing life without having to look for new adventures. My physical and mental conditions have now been fine tuned to a certain level of comfortable ambiance without which distraction becomes painful.