Indian Heroes: The Mangal Deep School For The Mentally Handicapped.

My son Ranjan, goes for a walk/jog on a few mornings every week. He has made some friends at the jogging park of his own age and outlook and one of them Sandeep, has been visiting my blog on and off and offering some interesting comments.

Sandeep’s blog ‘Still Crazy After All These Years’ is an interesting one and you can learn a thing or two about this young lad. I have bookmarked the site and visit it and comment whenever there is a post.

I am yet to meet Sandeep and his, from all accounts, lovely new bride and hope to do so sometime next week.

Sandeep’s latest post on his recent visit to Almora up in the Hiamalayas is a very interesting one and I request my readers to visit it and offer whatever you wish to.

I intend discussing this matter with Sandeep and do something about sponsoring a child or some such help to the institution.