Second Jab Of Vaccination.

I had taken my first jab on March 30, 2021 about which experience, I had written a blog post too. At the time of the vaccination, I was advised to take a second jab between six and eight weeks but, later on, we were advised to take it after twelve weeks. Since the last ten days, I had been getting reminders from the authorities to register for the second vaccination and I wanted to wait till my son and daughter in love who had got their vaccinations on April 2, 2021, also got their reminders before registering.

As it happens so often in my life, we got an alert from our Club that vaccination for members was being organised at the Club premises on July 2, 2021 and we promptly registered for that a few days ago.

We were allotted a slot between 12 noon and 1 pm earlier today for the vaccination and the three of us went on time and got ourselves registered.

An advantage of being a Senior Citizen was that I was promptly taken ahead of the others waiting in the queue for my jab and the whole thing was handled efficiently and with care and concern by the staff handling the process. Manjiree and Ranjan had to wait for their turn for another ten minutes. Once their vaccination was over, they were advised to wait for fifteen minutes near the venue and I waited outside. We were out of the club premises in forty minutes all told.

Quite an impressive performance I should say.

I now have to continue my home stay precaution for two weeks more due to my other health issues after which I am looking forward to more going out adventures.