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Say wind in India and the two monsoons come to mind. The South West Monsoon and the North East Monsoon. Both are India’s lifelines and if either or both fail, we have major problems till the next monsoon.
havaban harde
Another use for the word wind is of course the common passing of wind which is a natural phenomenon but which raises laughter whenever it is mentioned. In India various native remedies are used to relieve stubborn wind unwilling to leave one’s system and this is one of the famous ones called hava ban harde.

And the winds of change that song talks about came about with very significant impact on mankind, but new developents have brought back the old cynicism. And where has that idealism gone?

There are of course winds of change that currently occupy everyone’s mind like the Climate change, Income inequality, Arab Spring, The Ukrainian revolution the LGBT revolution and so on so forth but some very odd trends that would appear to have some serious impact on society in the future are the following.

Male victims of domestic violence.

The sexual revolution in Europe.

Women’s lib in Africa.

And men are suddenly feeling threatened!

There are some other developments that can be included here but I leave it to the imagination of my readers to decide on those topics now that I have given a pointer to how my mind views winds of change.

Lastly let me use the word wind again to wind up this post or should it be wind down?
winding down