The Road. Journey II

When the Loose Bloggers Consortium wrote on ‘A Journey’, in November last year, Magpie’s post led me to two books on journeys that he used to read to his students. One was “I am David” by Ann Holm and the other, by separate correspondence with Magpie, “The Silver Sword”, by Ian Serralillier.

Both left deep impressions on me and I have given them to some young children of my acquaitance to read with very gratifying responses.

I was discussing these books and the impression that they left on me with a friend of mine as to how these stories, take the reader on journeys to new life and new beginnings. He promptly suggested that I read another book which too talks about a journey but which while not quite leading to new life and beginning as one would expect, is powerful nevertheless in a disturbing and very realistic way.

That book is “The Road” by Cormac McCarthy.

It is truly a powerfully moving book and for those of my readers who like such reading experiences, I strongly recommend it. I understand that a very impressive movie has been made of the book and I intend seeing it sooner than later, though I rarely see movies.

Magpie, thank you for starting this process off and I hope that you will read this book too.