Three Years Old. Thank You.

It has just occurred to me that this blog is now three years old. It has passed through the terrible twos without much brouhaha and I hope that it will continue to grow and flourish.

My first post was on June 8, 2008.

When I started to write, I had no idea that it will become such a powerful tool to establish many new relationships. Nor did I expect to be exposed to so many points of view and to explore so many other blogs.

In the three years I have registered the following statistics which I share with my readers with some satisfaction.

Number of Posts – 855

Number of Comments – 13,835

Number of Visits – 9,998

Number of Page Views – 14,383

Pages per Visit – 1.44

Bounce Rate – 73.39%

New Visits – 85.64%

AND Akismet has protected my blog from 18,213 spam comments!

I thank all my readers and commentators for having made this journey so enjoyable.