India Is Catching On!

A dear friend of mine from the USA sent me a mail with the subject “India is catching on” and a link to this video with the comment:”Lucky you Ramana!”

I don’t quite know why he called me lucky, unless it for being from the land of the Kamasutra.

Another friend from a different place in the USA, but to who the mail had been copied, had this to say about the same subject : “This is what you guys introduce me to first thing in the morning? I have no idea whether this day will be good or bad now. What cracked me up – if you’ll forgive the pun – was the grandma and grandpa who were excited about the product!”.

Incidentally, the two gentlemen are grand fathers and I am a grand uncle many times over.

I do not wish to prolong your agony with what other gems the three of us exchanged as I do not wish to move further in this great journey of intellectual masturbation. I think that you should see the clip.

Having seen that, the advertising industry in India which is represented by a weekly supplement in our Times of India group’s Economic Times by Brand Equity, has this to say about the whole issue.

Rushali Pawar, a lady journalist has this to say about the product and its promotion in the same family of newspapers.

Do you also think that India is catching on?