Deja Vu!

To understand the title of this blog, you must first read this article in The Times Of India that was published this morning.

My sympathies are with the lady who jumped out of the fifth floor apartment. I can identify with her panic.

The deja vu is all about my own experience. There was an occasion when I too had to flee from an apartment. I made my escape via a transom over the main entrance to the place and it is a miracle that I did not break any bones when I exited and luckily landed on all fours on the landing. I was able to flee to face a different kind of music subsequently about which I have blogged elsewhere.

The second reason for the deja vu is the popular myth about my replaced hip joints. At some funny moment, when asked why I had to get them replaced, I had replied that I was involved in an accident. Probed further, I quipped that I had to jump out of a second floor balcony. When asked whether it was due to a fire, I replied no, it was because the husband came unexpectedly. This was at a party with many of my colleagues from the company where I was then working. Before I could do anything about it, the story went viral and the entire company came to know the story as being the Gospel truth. I am still to live that story down. No one, including many in my family, is willing to believe anything else.

Reverting to our original heroine, I hope that she recovers and comes out of the experience wiser and with enough sense of humour to be able to perhaps write a blog post like this when she is older and wiser.