I don’t have any hair on my top but, if I had had, I would have been tearing some out earlier this morning due to sheer frustration.

As my readers know, about three to four hours of my morning goes in reading newspapers and solving crossword puzzles. My frustration was due to non receipt of my morning fix as it were.

Yesterday was the final day of our Ganesh Chaturthi. All newspaper establishments were closed for the Visarjan. That is the final bidding goodbye to Lord Ganesh by immersion about which you can read in the link given above.

As a result of this closure, my morning fix was denied to me. Luckily I also practise Tsundoku and so had enough reading material waiting to be read to solve the problem of time-pass.

An Unexpected Gift – 2.

My readers will remember my lamenting long ago that I am often called Ramana Sir although,  I would love be called Sir Ramana! Here is another instance of that endearing trait in India of calling elders by attaching a ‘Sir’ to their names.

In response to my query on my post number 1 “What makes you think that I either don’t or, do?”, Ekoshapu, the young man in the story, has written a fascinating blog post.

Now, my readers will know why I found the two young men so endearing!  With this post, Ekoshapu has just been added to the long list of beneficiaries in my will.

Please do read his fascinating take on Tsundoku, a word that I have just learned from his post, and his meeting with me.