I Am Dated.

A tube shaped fluorescent lamp is termed as tube light in India and someone who is slow on the uptake is also called a tube light as when one switches on the lamp, it takes a bit of time to light up unlike the other bulbs that come on instantly.

I had installed one in my bed room to give enough light to read while lying down inside a mosquito net. This lamp had given me long faithful service since 1999. I had to replace the choke for it a couple of times but, it worked perfectly well till just a few days ago. It simply gave up its ghost. Since it was during the Deepavali holidays, I had to wait till this morning to get an electrician to come and have a look.

The electrician, took one look at the ancient installation and smiled and said that the whole shebang had to be replaced as chokes and the tubes are no longer available. I was intrigued and agreed to replace it with whatever has come in the market in its place and this is what has.

It is a compact LED unit which actually gives more light than the old faithful and what is more important, lights up immediately on switching on.

I did not even know that something like this was available!