Being A Woman – II

Since writing my post “Is Being A Woman All That Difficult?” another very interesting article, this time by Ruth Marcus in the Washington Post has appeared which too is worth reading. Ruth’s comment about President Obama had me laughing for quite some time.

In the meanwhile, some comments, wondering whether men can be made to undergo some of the problems that women do have appeared in my blog and Suzen’s comment – “The conversation here is so spirited I’ve nearly forgotten what the post was about! Oh yes, is woman’s life really that difficult? Welllllll, first of all I think if men had to give birth, breast feed, and raise kids there would be no population problem. I’ve frankly never understood why women think having children defines them. I’d like to give this option up to men and see how well they could handle this whole thing —- if I were God and could switch it up a bit. :)

secondly, I recommend Raine Eisler’s Book “The Chalice and The Blade” for a fabulous look at the cultural evolution of the matriarchy/patriarchy – it is stunning.” elicited Conrad’s comment -“suzen brought tears to my eyes!”


I think that it deserves a bit of lightening up of the mood and the following story should do it very well.

A man, sick and tired of work everyday, asked God to switch bodies with his wife.

The next morning, he woke up as a woman… cooked, fed the family, drove to school, washed and ironed, went out for groceries, balanced the checkbook, vacuumed, dusted and swept, cooked dinner… after supper cleaned the kitchen. At night made love to the husband.

The next morning, he admitted his mistake to God and prayed for a trade back. God said, “O.K. But you’ll have to wait for nine months. You got pregnant last night!” :P